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air krete® has obtained approval for use in every state and local jurisdiction that acceptance has been requested.

Hardwood Plywood Manufacturers Association
Report on surface burning characteristics determined by ASTM-E 84 Twenty-five foot tunnel furnace test method.

The normal 10 minute test was extended to 30 minutes with the following results:
Flamespread Factor: 0
Fuel Contributed Factor: 0
Smoke Density Factor: 0

The apparent thermal resistance of a specimen of a cementitious foam insulation material density:
2.07 lbs. per cubic foot @ 24C (75F)
K factor = .257 per 1 inch thickness
R factor = 3.9 per 1 inch thickness

Twin City Testing Corporation Report of shrinkage test conducted according to ASTM: C951, Par. 8.5 results:
Shrinkage, Inches: 0.00
Percent Shrinkage: 0.00

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Result of sample analysis report on air krete® : Totals Formaldehyde: None detected Formaldehyde in air: Non detected

Penniman & Brown, Inc.
Chemists, Engineers, Inspectors - Baltimore, Maryland, Analytical Division
Report of analysis sample of reacted foam insulation identified as air krete® , was qualitatively checked for formaldehyde:
No evidence of formaldehyde was found.

Hardwood Plywood Manufacturers Association Report on smoke density characteristics determined by NBS-Aminco Smoke Density Chamber. These test results demonstrate:
air krete® is non-toxic.

A Microbial Resistance Evaluation of Indoor Materials

air krete® Insulation Sample

Executive Summary / Project Description
Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) is pleased to present the results of its microbial resistance evaluation of air krete's indoor material identified as “ air krete® Insulation Sample”. AQS conducted this study using a microbial test protocol following the requirements of ASTM Guideline D 6329-98 (1). This ASTM method is established to study indoor materials for their ability to support mold growth. Testing of the indoor material was conducted using static environmental chambers operating at 75% humidity
(considered a *high normal” for indoor commercial spaces) and 95% humidity (considered an extreme moisture condition within buildings). air krete's indoor material was inoculated with two representative indoor molds, Stachvbotrvs chartarum and Eurotium amstelodami, and growth rates were measured over a three-week period as the materials were exposed in the two humidity environments. Mold growth is considered significant if it exceeds 20% of the initial baseline levels. Test methodology
and results are given in the attached summary reports.

Results show that the “ air krete® Insulation Sample” was resistant to mold growth at both 75% and 95% relative humidities. Neither molds were found to amplify in the materials at either humidity.

  • R Value
  • Fire Proof
  • Pest Resitant
  • Mold Resitant
  • Non Allergenic
AirKrete® Has a High R Value of 3.9 per inch (at 75ºF) Dynatech Report Number CLR-3
  • Completely Fills ALL Cavities Including Door and Window Casings Read More...

  • Has 0% Shrinkage in wall cavities TEST ASTM C951

  • Has acoustical properties - Air Krete acts like a blanket that deadens noise from outside the house. Air Krete was used for this purpose in the Neil Young Sound Studios in Santa Cruz and Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA as seen on HGTV.

AirKrete® Is Fire Proof and passed a 2 hour Fire Wall Test Modified
ASTM E814/UL 1479

AirKrete® Is pest resistant because Air Krete has a deoiling/drying effect on the pests.

It was in the fall of 2009 Our CT Air Krete® Licensed Manufacturer Alan Gagnon called the office all excited... " While I was puting Air Krete® in my customer's wall the termites are literally crawling out of the walls carring their larva right before our eyes... They are flopping upsidedown... It's incredible..." Home Owner's Mr. & Mrs. Greg Morgan witnessed the extermination of termites without an exterminator on site. The Morgan home was recently insulated with Air Krete® Insulation. The distressed termites nesting in the home's cavities were carrying their larvae and eggs out of the walls’ cavities, and dying due to the de-oiling effect of Air Krete's® main ingredient, Magnesium Oxide . Here's the follow up. Read More...

AirKrete® Is mold resistant MOLD TEST

AirKrete® Chemistry is MgO Which Extracts Co2 from the Atmosphere Read More...

AirKrete® Is environmentally safe and non-toxic insulation. Free of CFC's & Formaldehyde HPMA No Formaldehyde.pdf

"air krete far surpasses the requirements of the NYC Department of buildings with respect to combustion product toxicity testing results. Comparison between air krete and wood revealed that Air Krete® is not more toxic than wood. In reviewing the many thousands of products which we have tested; air krete remains one of the outstanding examples." Read more...
Rosalind C. Anderson, Ph.

5 Great Reasons to Use AirKrete

Tests, Approvals
& Case Studies

Air Krete can be installed in tall
buildings like the top of the
Chrysler Building iin NYC.
Air Krete can be installed in
existing stuctures.
Air Krete can be installed in any
existing or new building stuctures.
Air Krete can be installed in
commercial & industrial
Chrysler Building in NY City National Audubon Society Air Krete was installed in Al Gore's Home Bio Shere

Chrysler Building NY City
Upper Floors

National Audubon in NY City
Old Schermerhorn Building
Al Gore's Home, TN Biosphere 2 Visitors Center, AZ
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